We Are GO For 2019 Following Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael hit Bay County, Florida on October 10, 2018, and devastated parts of the county. Panama City, and several smaller towns, as well as Tyndall Air Force Base, and a small tourism community called Mexico Beach suffered serious damage.

Fortunately, Panama City Beach was spared from the severe destruction. Nearly all of the 20,000 condos and motel rooms were available for people who were displaced from their damaged homes, and were also available to accommodate workers, volunteers, insurance representatives, and FEMA reps who arrived to help.

All of the partners of the Panama City Beach Music Festival survived with minor bumps and bruises, and are ready to host the bands, orchestras, color guards, and choral groups who will be attending this April and May.

The people of Panama City Beach feel blessed to be in this position, and look forward to hosting the talented young people who will be participating in the upcoming festival.