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Read updates about our band festivals in Panama City Beach, Florida, for high schools and middle schools.

Panama City Beach Florida - Band and Choir Trips

Atlanta and Birmingham Area Schools Help Make It Two SOLD OUT Festival Weekends for the Panama City Beach Music Festival.

April 27-29 and May 11-13 are the two weekends for the Panama City Beach Music Festival for this coming spring. Both weekends are SOLD OUT. We have symphonic bands, concert bands, jazz bands, orchestras, marching bands, and choral groups coming from all over the South. This ┬áhas become one of the most humbling and rewarding […]

Bigger & Better in 2017

We have already heard from some fantastic band and choral groups who are planning on participating in the 2017 Panama City Beach Music Festival. Several larger programs have called to tell us they’re tired of the constant fund raising required for the $600 to $1,000 and beyond trips. They have also heard great reports from […]