Schools in Georgia, Alabama and other SE States are coming back to our Florida Music Festival

Cobb County, Georgia, Jefferson County, Alabama, Lowndes County, Georgia, and Other Large Counties in the Southeast Are Returning to the Panama City Beach Music Festival

High school and middle school symphonic bands, concert bands, choirs, and orchestras are returning to the festival that was once known as the Festival of Champions. The Panama City Beach Music Festival is newly branded, filled with new attractions, and cool things for school groups to do, and best of all it features a beautiful beach as the background for the festival.

Being so close to Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett counties in Georgia, the Panama City Beach Music Festival is beginning to see schools from some of those large, heavily populated counties once again interested in bringing students back to the beach. Schools in Birmingham and throughout Jefferson County, Alabama are also coming back to a festival that was once a regular on their travel schedules.

So why is there a resurgence of participation by so many schools to the Panama City Beach Music Festival? Close proximity has a lot to do with it. A five-hour bus ride with less than twenty-five miles of local travel doesn’t hurt. The savings of the package cost from $1,000.00 and up on some of the trips school groups have been taking lately, to less than $300.00 for the beach package. Throw in lodging in brand new condos, and new attractions that keep students busy and engaged all weekend long, and you’ve got a formula for a very successful trip.

The list of interested schools from Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, and Baton Rouge is growing daily and the first wave of those schools will make their way to the beach in April and May of this year. There’s excitement in the air as an old festival is re-branded and growing again.

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