Referrals Are Making Us Proud

Today was an amazing day. Two new groups signed up for our 2018 festivals, and they were brand new schools to our festival. During our initial communications we learned that each of these new groups were referred by band and choral groups who have attended in the past couple of years. That is very humbling.

We thought for some time that our affordable price, and close proximity, which would result in lower transportation costs, would be key factors. What our new groups are telling us doesn’t really seem to have the package price as a high priority. They are talking about what they’ve heard about the activities and the meals the kids and chaperones are still talking about, months after the trip.

We offer low cost beachfront motels, a little more upscale motels, and some very nice condos right on the beach, so lodging can be economical, or a little more higher end depending on a groups wishes.  As of the first week in August we have 19 groups either committed to, or strongly considering participating with us next spring. With 30 performance slots available over two festival weekends, we are again humbled and very proud of the success of this new festival at Panama City Beach.