Here We Go!

This is only our second year of the Panama City Beach Music Festival, but the number of groups coming this year, and the support we’re getting from previous participants is very gratifying. We work extra hard to make every aspect of the festival a positive experience for directors, kids, and boosters. This year promises to be our best ever.

The tourism community at Panama City Beach has really embraced our efforts, and more and more businesses want to help us bring the finest young people in America to our resort community. The lodging partners and attractions on Panama City Beach have been incredible to push their efforts to the edge of the envelope in order to provide our best package ever, at a price that seems like it’s from ten years ago.

The team from the Spinnaker Beach Club, who provide the Saturday night entertainment and Caribbean meal are truly rock stars. The private, exclusive evening they put together for the band and choral groups is positively like nothing else in the festival world. After all, these are teenagers. They’re a little beyond the age when standing next to a costume character was cool. Their private night at the Spinnaker is all about embracing who the kids really are, and entertaining and treating them like young adults. This year will be no exception.

Finally, I have to mention Buffalo Rock Pepsi. The same people who sponsor the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam continue to sponsor ouor festival. They know how many young people are reached through music, and they are big belivers in supporting the arts and music education in our schools. They help us get the word out to band, orchestra, and choral programs who are looking for a quality trip to help incentivise the students hard work required throughout the school year.

If you’re coming to one of our three festival weekends this year, we’re ready to show you a great time on the most beautiful beach in America. If you’d still like to come, call or email us, because we might be able to work something out. If those last two options didn’t apply to you, then please look at our website and check us out on Facebook. We’d love to have you next year.

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