Best Festival Awards Ceremony

Two hours of meetings with the management of the Spinnaker Beach Club left me with no doubt that we have the absolute best Saturday night conclusion to our Panama City Beach Music Festivals. We hit on the smallest of details, like picking music that was appropriate for a school sanctioned trip, yet music that middle school and high school kids enjoy. The menu for the Caribbean meal will again be outstanding. The Spinnaker chefs make that meal gorgeous to look at, and it tastes even better than it looks.

The games are always a riot, and the Spinnaker crew has plans to make the beach party games this year more fun for everyone…except maybe the directors. We’ll have some Kodak moments that will have the kids realizing that their directors have a sense of humor, and truly know how to laugh at themselves. Taking directors off their elevated podiums, and making them regular people is a very cool thing to do according to a lot of young directors who came to our festivals when they were students.

We even have judges attend our Saturday night celebration to offer encouragement in support of the important work the directors are doing. Our awards ceremony is all about positive re-enforcement for every program, because we’re all about lifting up, not tearing down. We want to make those three hours something really special for every band, choral, and orchestra student who attends our festival. Hope you can join us!

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