20 plus 20 equals 40

The Panama City Beach Music Festival, formally the Festival of Champions, has quite a record in Florida. If you add 20 plus 20 (this year) you get 40. That’s how many years this festival has been held at Panama City Beach. That makes us one of the oldest festivals in Florida, and maybe in America.

Panama City Beach would love to welcome your group in the spring of 2020.. Beautiful white sand and turquoise water should be enough to lure you to paradise, but we add the most fun places and the best restaurants on the beach. You can put all of that together with wonderful lodging and a positive festival performance opportunity, and you’ll know why this festival has such a stellar history.

Call us, email, us, or check us out on Facebook for more information about how we can get your reservation on the books. (850) 258-4286 or buddy@panamacitybeachmusicfestival.com