We Make It Easy

We have talked to so many of you through the years about festivals, and school travel in general. What we constantly come away with is how much more demanding the process of teaching has become today, and how it impacts student travel. Directors are required to jump through so many hoops today and that usually means with a handful of paperwork. With all of those growing bureaucratic demands being placed on you, we want to be the festival that lessens the burden.

We offer a simple online registration on our website, but you don’t have to pay a non-refundable deposit the minute you hit send. In fact your first performing group isn’t required to pay a registration fee at all, only a second or third performing group pay a $50.00 fee, and your kids money is always refundable. We try to make the process easier and more accessible to more students by allowing them until after the Christmas/New Years break to make their first deposit. 

We have lodging partners who will help you put your room blocks together based on the number of students traveling, and you can fill in the blanks and make out the rooming list closer to your festival weekend.  All of our lodging partners and all of the events or meals included in the Panama City Beach Music Festival are within a seven-mile radius. Most of our participating groups don’t have over 25 local miles for the entire weekend, and we know the less time spent on the bus, the better. 

 Charles Kelly is the band director at Arnold High School, which is where the Helen Blackburn Arnold Fine Arts Auditorium is located. Charles provides us with a tremendous group of students to assist our visiting groups, and Kathleen McNulty Mann provides an amazingly talented group of students to run the facility. 

Our festival staff is with you everywhere you go at Panama City Beach, and we know the owners of every business partner involved in the festival, so we know how to smooth out any bump in the road. We believe that you’re not just coming to a festival, you’re bringing your kids on a trip to reward them for their hard work all school year, and our job is to make memories that will last them a lifetime.

If you haven’t been to the Panama City Beach Music Festival we encourage you to try us. In our first four years of re-branding our festival, 9 out of 10 directors have returned or have plans to return. We want to be that fun, easy trip you automatically put on your calendar every other year, and we want to live up to our mission statement which is: “Providing a professionally run music festival, wrapped in a big beach party.”