Two Months To Go

We are now less than two months away from the first Panama City Beach Music Festival of 2018, and the lineup looks terrific. We have a full slate of concert bands, indoor guards, jazz bands, and orchestras, along with our largest roster of choral groups ever.

We’ve added some new “twists” to our beach party at the Spinnaker, and we believe the fun will be amazing. The only hint we can give you is this: “Directors get ready…we’ll see you in the sand.” These kids have worked very hard all year, so we think it’s time they had some good old-fashioned fun on the beach. We encourage you all to have your smart phone cameras ready.


Stay tuned and we’ll let you know how the plans are going, as we get ready for all the high school and middle school bands and choral groups. We’ll also post news about how everyone did in the competitive portions of our festival.