Panama City Beach Escapes Disaster

On October 10, 2018 Hurricane Michael came within two miles per hour of reaching a Category FIVE Hurricane as it came ashore in the Florida panhandle. The eye of the storm went over Tyndall Air Force Base, and the east side of the eye struck a little beach resort called Mexico Beach.

Panama City suffered tremendously from Michael, but just over the bridge on Panama City Beach most of damage was from downed power lines and trees. The motels, restaurants, attractions, and condominiums survived with very little damage compared to the devastation just a few miles to the east. In fact, every mile west of the bridge that connects Panama City with Panama City Beach the destruction was visibly much less.

The good news is the Panama City Beach Music Festival will go on without a hitch. The lodging partners have opened up to FEMA officials, first responders, and many people who cannot live in their homes until roof and water damages have been repaired. Those bands and choral groups who are coming to our 2019 Panama City Beach Music Festival please be patient with our lodging partners. They are very busy right now, but they promise to get you price information, and offer assistance with your booking very soon. Panama City Beach Florida - Band and Choir Trips

Thanks again for your support of the Panama City Beach Music Festival.