Improving the Package

The Patronis brothers who own Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant on Panama City Beach feed fresh seafood and steaks to approximately 2,500 people each night. Restaurant patrons often wait an hour and a half to get their table, and enjoy one of the best meals Florida has to offer.

This coming spring, Capt. Anderson’s will host our participants of the Panama City Beach Music Festival. After the festival performances during the day on Friday, we will stroll down the dock where the fishing fleet returns with their catch every afternoon, and be ushered into a private dining room just for us.┬áThe meal will be a buffet, but it will be a Captain Anderson’s buffet. After the meal at Capt. Anderson’s, everyone will go to Dave & Buster’s where they’ll get a Power Card for unlimited video game play.

Saturday night after a day of fun at Shipwreck Island Waterpark and a little beach time, everyone heads to the Spinnaker Beach Club where Chef Konrad Jochum will serve up another fabulous meal with an island theme.

Shipwreck Island will provide extensive breakfast meals, and a barbecue lunch on Saturday, so the Panama City Beach Music Festival promises to be an outstanding culinary experience. Contact us soon to reserve your place.