Drop and Add Time

The title of this blog could make one believe this is about the first few days of college, but it’s ¬†about a totally different topic. We have a great list of band, choral, and orchestra groups who are registered to participate this coming spring in the Panama City Beach Music Festival. A few of them are early drop outs, primarily due to fund raising issues, but as one drops out, another takes up the vacation Spot.

Recently we lost two middle school groups from South Georgia, but the same day they added a band from Mississippi with the same number of students as the two Georgia schools. It’s all part of the process that occurs every year.

The good news is our festival is so affordable, that we don’t lose nearly as many groups to fund raising difficulties as the bigger, more expensive trips. We are very close to filling both weekends for this spring, and as the usual attrition takes place, we should have plenty of excellent competition signed up and ready to perform at our festival.