2018 Is In The Books

                           The two festival weekends in April and May 2018 were two of our best ever. The talent who participated, and the variety of types of performance groups was extensive, and everyone enjoyed the different types of performances.  We had orchestras from Texas, marching bands, and concert bands from North Georgia, jazz bands and concert bands from Louisiana, percussion ensembles from Alabama, and color guards from Louisiana and Georgia, and concert bands and choral groups from all over Alabama and Georgia.

We moved our beach party off the deck of the Spinnaker right down into the gorgeous, white sand on Panama City Beach, and enjoyed the beach games more appropriately. Each afternoon during the beach games we paused to take pictures of two incredible sunsets. There is truly no other festival like ours in the South, and maybe in the country. Offering lodging in some of Panama City Beach’s newest condos was certainly a real plus for us as well. We work hard each year to make it fun, and change it up just enough to make it different from the last one.

We’re always on the lookout for new schools to attend, but with so many schools coming every year or every other year, we have a limited number of performance opportunities to offer.  Maybe down the road we’ll offer a third weekend to have room for more groups.  After the re-branding of the Festival of Champions to the all new Panama City Beach Music Festival, we sincerely believe we’ve put all the right pieces together to make it as close as possible to the perfect spring band or choral trip. Next year will be our 40th year, and we hope you and your kids will be here with us. Register soon!