2017 Success Is About The Return

When most businesses talk about their return, they usually mean return on investment. When we at the Panama City Beach Music Festival talk about return, we’re talking about band directors who are coming back to our festival. Every year that kind of humbling event takes place in more numbers than the year before.

We have had directors bring their band, orchestra, and choral programs back to the Panama City Beach Music Festival for many years, with some of them coming every other year on a regular basis. What is so rewarding now is that directors who came to our festival as students are returning as directors and assistant directors. We have always said that we are in the business of selling wonderful memories. Now as we book these young directors who participated with us when they were students truly verifies that belief. 

The first director to book his band for 2018 was one of those students who came back when we were called the Festival of Champions. We changed the name about five years ago when Panama City Beach began to sponsor our festival. We work hard at making sure people all across our beach community have the opportunity to engage and encounter these young musicians. The students involved in instrumental and choral music in our schools are very special. We’re excited about being a catalyst to expose who these kids are, and what it takes to be a part of these programs to more and more of our business community. 

We look forward to our 2018 festivals, and we hope to see many of you back at Panama City Beach next year.